Cash shop

Date: Oct. 10, 2017, 10:17 p.m. by administrator

I would like to share with you my initial plans for a cash shop in the game. For now I'd like to accept Bitcoin as a primary payment method - primarily because of its speed, anonymity and very easy integration. All funds will be reinvested in the server - better hardware, marketing, expanding guides, and of course it will fuel further development- and there is a lot to do.
All prices are shown in USD, and upon purchase request, that price will be converted into BTC for you and also an unique payment address will be sent to you too.

- 3x Zemstone - 1$
- 5x Stone of Merien - 5$
- 5x Stone of Xelima - 5$
- 100k Gold - 3$
- Town change - 10$
- Name change - 5$
- Armor gender change (i.e. Male -> Female) - $5
- Transfer character to other account (requires validation of both accounts) - 3$
- Ancient Tablets (EXP/HP/Mana/Berserk - Coming soon!)

The list will be expanded with new available options.
If you're interested just message me in game (GM1), Discord (Drajwer), or Facebook page and I'll tell you details about the transaction in Bitcoin. An automated form is already in preparation to automate this process. Also, other payment options will be supported in future (i.e. Paypal).


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