Date: Sept. 10, 2017, 5:30 p.m. by administrator

New update has been deployed just now. As usual you don't need to download anything - just refresh your browser and you enjoy new version of the game. After each release backlog of tasks is shrinking so we're closer and closer to open this server to public!

Client changelog:

- Fixed broken server changing (i.e. aresden -> middleland)
- Fixed super attacks weren't triggering with ALT key
- Fixed some uninitialized variables, and out of bounds accesses that will increase stability
- Add shop, warehouse and blacksmith on the aresden/elvine farms
- Add a teleport to a Promiseland on farms.
- Imported missing sprites that might cause glitches
- Fixed zoom in/zoom out on the maps.
- Increase audio mixer channels
- Fixed zoomed out guide map so it will always display correct scaled map with updated teleport positions.
- Fixed zoomed in guide map quality and now it displays correct map details with higher detail level.
- Added missing 2.20 dialog contents (Devlin, Perry, Mcgaffin)
- Day and night more is fixed

Server changelog:
- Day and night mode changing fixed
- Implemented Guilds membership code on the server side
- Fixed citizenship status not saving after logout
- Fixed "account in use" when server went offline, or changed map to non existing one.

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