Date: Feb. 16, 2020, 2:54 p.m. by administrator

Welcome back HBRocks! The first ever Helbreath running over a web browser. We're back in the game!

After long time of no updates I've been working hard on fixing the long standing bugs and also adding new features. I'm excited to share with you that new update with TONS of fixes is already running.

Even though the server is constantly running without downtime and it's stability is proven and remarkable everyone is invited to join back for a server RELAUNCH (of course no game account will be harmed!)

We also have a Cash Shop at: https://www.helbreath.rocks/accounts/purchase/. Use your game account credentials to login.

Join now our Discord at https://discord.gg/Cn95hC5 and play now at https://www.helbreath.rocks/HelGame/

Read more to see a long list of fixed problems or added features and plans for future:
- Cash shop offers! https://www.helbreath.rocks/accounts/purchase/ Securely add a Credit Card to your Game account and buy in game items and all funds received will be 100% allocated into the server development.
- Web based account management form! You see list of your characters on the website and also manage your credit card details: https://www.helbreath.rocks/accounts/profile/
- Client/server action latency is decreased by hundreds of milliseconds per action on average - this should make the game much more smoother and responsive!
- Removed per-level stat settings. Now, after leveling up you'll receive 3 points you can allocate at any time.
(Something like 3.51+)
- Added DirectionBow in bsmith
- Added FireBow in bsmith
- Game runs now securely over HTTPS!
- Party fixes across game server changes
- Ancient slate dialog was showed improperly
- And other misc fixes
- Hopefully fixes all crashes on maps issues (I've written a custom map editor that verifies if all map tiles on maps are drawable by client and therefore wouldn't crash the client)
- You can use majestic points to change stats (1 maj = 3 points) (Like HB 3.82+ AFAIR)
- Majestics are now capped at 200 - I've reverse engineered leveling/majestic functionality from official chinese HGserver, hopefully it will work better and won't break people stats
- Mana Saving works properly as I've taken all ManaSaving items and I've put them in a config for the client.
- Warehouse fixes
- Alchemy etc. dialog is no longer rapidly moving out of screen
- Secondary Drop for Hellclaw and Tigerworm is fixed to always return drop 100% of the time
- Decreased latency and game is much faster and there's no noticable delay while login.
- Majestic stat change

Future plans includes:

- Improve drop rate
- Fix more bugs
- Work towards full compatibility with 3.82+ (angels, crusade, heldenian, apocalypse, etc)
- Add new features such as guild window, HP bars for monsters, etc!
- And most impor Better transparency over server updates.

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